Seminck Gas has its own filling station (GFS NV) where propane and butane bottles are continuously filled. More and more people in Belgium are using gas cylinders for various applications in and around the house. 







Types of Gas Cylinders

Seminck Gas has different types of gas cylinders

Propane cylinder 10,5 kg
Propane cylinder 18 kg
Propane cylinder 33 kg
Propane cylinder 46,5 kg
Butane cylinder 12,5 kg

Different types of bottle valves in Belgium 

Bottle valve POL
Bottle valve SHELL

It is extremely important to use the correct regulator with the correct type of valve. 


Extra information for the use of gas cylinders

When do I use butane and when do I use propane? 
Regulator and flow, make the right choice.
Safe handling of gas cylinders
Safety requirements for gas cylinders (Febupro)