Service forms the foundation for the continued growth of Seminck Gas. We have an excellent infrastructure, our own materials and technical support for the distribution of propane in bulk and cilinders, the installation and connection of propane tanks and the bottling of gas in cilinders. 

Why choose propane gas?


A propane installation is simple and convenient. The pipeline is adequate. With propane, you can feed a wide range of devices. 

Environmentally friendly

Propane is not soluble in water, thus it cannot cause any pollution. Propane is a clean burning fuel, with mimimal soot formation, so it is also a low-maintenance fuel. 


Central heating, fireplaces, radiators, stoves, barbeques, ... and countless other applications for the use of propane gas. 


Propane gas can compete with other forms of energy. Seminck Gas offers suprisingly attractive conditions. 

Propane, the only alternative for natural gas

Choose a storage option that suits you

Underground vessels

Seminck Gas has developed its own underground vessel. Practical advantages: invisible,  long life span, efficient installation, easy access to accessories. This vessel usually has a greater capacity than the above ground vessels. An underground vessel wil never dissapoint you. 

Aboveground vessels

Depending on your usage, we will analyse the optimum capacity of your above-ground vessel, ranging from 500 to 3000 liters. Above-ground vessels are usually rented. Of course you can always switch to a larger or underground vessel. 


Gas Cylinders

Propane and butane, the movable energy is used daily. Seminck Gas offers a full range of gas cylinders through its resellers. If you have gas cylinders that you no longer use, you can drop them off at one of our locad distributers at any time. 

More about gas cylinders


For each use, the proper storage

Family service since 1964

Placement & Installation

Our energy consultant wil visit you without any obligation. In accordance with the local regulations and your usage, we will determine the location and optimal capacity of your vessel. Seminck Gas provides the delivery and installation of the above- and underground vessels. 


Distribution & Delivery

Seminck Gas continually strives to deliver you propane gas in accordance with the agreements made. We are always available for delivery, even in difficult circumstances and weather conditions. We do advise you to place an order to refill your vessel as soon as the meter reaches 20%. 

Technical Support

Seminck Gas provides support to its costumers for technical problems such as: replacement of thermocouples, control of cables, connecting devices, ...
Seminck Gas has its own technician for these interventions. 

Service is not a slogan for Seminck Gas 

Our online services

Order Propane Gas

Ordering gas is easy! Is your meter level at approximately 20%? Then we recommend you to place your order. 

Order gas online

Energy Saving Tips

Use our energy tips to see how you can optimize your energy consumption while saving money and our planet. 

Energy Saving Tips

Switch in 1-2-3

Interested in Seminck Gas' propane? Switching distributors is very easy. Fill out the contact form and we will get in touch with you. 

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You do not have to worry about the installation of your gas tank. Click here for more information  for the placement of your gas vessel. 

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GFS, a 100% subsidiary of Seminck Gas, is responsible for the storage and handling of liquefied gases.

Depot Geraardsbergen: storage and handling of gases 
Industrial Park "Geraardsbergen 1"
Diebeke 35, 9500 Geraardsbergen, Belgium

Depot Oostende: Bulk storage of gas oil
Industrial park "Plassendale 1"
Marie Curielaan 7, 8400 Oostende, Belgium

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