Why is a vessel or cylinder only filled to 80%?

This is a simple question with a not so obvious answer. As you know, propane is in a liquid state in the vessel or cylinder. When the temperature rises, so does the liquid in the closed container. The temperature and pressure increases inside the closed container. The pressure increase is relatively slow under the condition that the cylinder or vessel is not full. There is another phenomenon: When the temperature rises, the liquid propane will expand in size, in other words, the liquid in the closed container will take up more space as the temperature rises. For example: If water is ice, ice will take up more space in volume than if it was liquid water. Everyone knows the consequences, it will bend or break the container. This is the same for propane and butane gas. As the temperature rises in the area, the fluid wil expand, and will therefore take more space. This is why we fill the cylinders and vessels to 80%, in order to avoid cracking, bending or breaking of the containers.

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